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The city, with European and Asian side, is located on Bosphorus. There are several mosques, museums and grand bazaars.

Millions of people from all over the world visit Istanbul every year. This city has an exceptional place in the world with its nightlife, mystical atmosphere, shopping malls, historical monuments and geographic structure.

Moreover, Istanbul has considerable popularity for tourism, health tourism, hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery and dental treatment and is waiting for new guests to experience the beauty of the city.

In combination with the hair transplant treatment, it is possible to explore the beauty of Turkey. Istanbul is a beautiful city to visit and has a wealth of culture and monuments. There are many attractions including mosques, museums and also many excellent restaurants, from traditional Turkish cuisine to international cuisines. Turkey is a unique experience! When you choose a hair transplant treatment in Istanbul, you will undoubtedly have time to learn more about this metropolis. You will not get bored easily during your stay with the culture and attractions of Istanbul, the former capital of the Ottoman Empire. Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, is the largest city in Turkey and is divided into 2 continents of Europe and Asia.